Intelligent Bodies
Feldenkrais and Dance

Co-taught by Leslie Seiters and Kristen Baum Wilcox


Each morning and afternoon segment will begin with a Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class, in which students will be verbally guided through a specific sequence of slow, gentle movements designed to illuminate aspects of movement and sensory awareness chosen specifically for their relevance to dancers. Each lesson seeks to provide a setting in which students may work at their own pace and be led by their own curiosity to rediscover and enhance their innate human capacity for graceful, effortless movement.

The second part of each morning and afternoon session will investigate and expand on movement principles and pathways introduced in the ATM lesson and will include focused improvisations, set movement sequences with an emphasis on floor-work, and finally complex movement phrases. The dancing portion of this workshop is designed to continue the awareness, efficiency and specificity generated by the ATM classes to create a refined way of œworking when dancing.

This workshop will provide contexts for disorientation and reorganization to allow dancing bodies to utilize their intelligence.

Days/Times: Friday June 6, 10:00 5:00
Saturday June 7, 9:00 4:00
Sunday June 8, 10:00 5:00*
Location: Stage 7 School of Dance
3980 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
Cost: $200 for all three days**
$70 per day

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, June 3rd

Information/Registration: email or call 619-464-3856

*each day will include a one-hour lunch break

**A sliding scale fee structure is available for those who qualify. If you would like to be considered for a fee reduction, please let us know when you call to register.