After the literacy-based dance curriculum documented in Deep learning 1, Darnall’s 3rd,4th, and 5th graders danced in many community events.

Yoga for Dancers

June 29, 2007

NOTICE: Class will resume on Tuesday November 6th, 2007


beginning Tuesday July 3rd
continuing weekly


Through the practice of Asana and the coordination of intention, breath and movement, we will balance strength and suppleness in our form and cultivate a non-judgmental attitude toward our body.

Lead by Justin Morrison

NOTICE: Class will resume Wednesday November 7th


beginning Wed July 4th
continuing weekly


Weekly sessions will provide structure and practice in improvisation, and will develop perceptual skills crucial to ensemble performance.

Through experimentation, dialogue and guided exercises, dancers will investigate the impact of actively seeing and hearing while moving.

Classes will emphasize:

  • Noticing the impact of “feeling” states in performance.
  • Recognizing ones personal, choreographic “ethic”.
  • The use of choice in creating a collaborative Instant Composition.

Open to dancers from all disciplines.

Drop-ins welcome but continued attendance is encouraged.

"Movement is produced by the rapport of odd elements, of the contrasts of colors between themselves which constitutes Reality." -Robert Delaunay

Facilitated by Justin Morrison

Feldenkrais at Stage 7

We are very happy to announce the beginning of a new 4 week series, lead by Feldenkrais practitioner Kristen Baum-Wilcox.



April 14, 2007

Sat Apr 21st – 8pm

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Jeremy Drake / Tucker Dulin / Chris Heenan


Justin Morrison / Leslie Seiters / Amanda Waal

admission: free

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