Suzanne Forbes – West African

About Suzanne

Suzanne truly shines as a dancer and teacher. Her driving force and passion is the reconnection of body, spirit, and mind. It is through connecting on a deep and total level where we are able to experience joy, happiness, and personal growth. Movement is not movement for its own sake; it is soulful, exuberant, and sustenance for the spirit. Her findings are that western culture cuts us off from our total core, that we live either physically or mentally at each moment. She strives to integrate the two halves of ourselves for a more complete experience. Dancers in her classes have commented that “my soul is fed for the week,” and “this is cheaper than therapy.” It is a joyful thing indeed to move not only one’s body but one’s soul as well. So, if your goal is to get a great cardio workout you will surely achieve that; the bonus is the workout of your soul, the total core of you.

Class Description:

Featuring live percussion, song, African and Modern dance and led by Suzanne Forbes-Vierling. Learn how to do African Dance in a positive, safe, & uplifting environment. Come workout, rock out, laugh, sweat, and most importantly, smile.

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