Heather Stants – Urban Tribal Belly Dance

Heather Stants is a lifelong artist and dancer with a degree in photography and fine arts. Her career in tribal fusion dance began in the mid 1990’s when she became the assistant director of Read My Hips (www.readmyhips.com) in Chicago, Illinois. In 1999 Heather moved to San Diego, California and launched the San Diego tribal movement through her classes and the formation of Urban Tribal Dance Company. Heather’s diverse movement and arts background, including being a certified yoga instructor, feeds her creativity and her groundbreaking approach to choreography. Urban Tribal Dance Company is known for it’s contemporary approach to belly dance, a pared down costume emphasizing body line over ornamentation, athleticism and the use of the dance form as a means of personal expression and interpretation. Their creativity has twice earned them the title of “Troupe of the Year” in Zaghareet! Magazine’s Golden Belly Awards. In addition to teaching several weekly classes in San Diego since 1999, Heather Stants and Urban Tribal Dance Company tour extensively sharing their love of modern tribal fusion dance with dancers in the U.S. and abroad. Urban Tribal Dance Company can be seen in multiple dvd releases produced by The Bellydance Superstars and Hollywood Music. Read more about Heather and Urban Tribal on their site: www.urbantribaldance.com

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