Dilek Hoss – Turkish Belly Dance

About Dilek

Born and raised in Turkey, Dilek is an Authentic Turkish Dancer/instructor in belly dance. She is specialized in Arabic/Turkish Style dance.

Class Description

Her 4pm class is for basic/beginning classes are integrating Suhaila Salimpour technique, using the right muscles for specific belly dance moves. She also includes yoga and ballet style warm ups and cool downs in each class. Classes are formed in small sizes on purpose to give personal attention to each individual.

5pm class is more geared to beginning/intermediate students. This class is only for students that have basic training in belly dancing, and familiar, have taken workshops or classes with Suhaila Salimpour.

Complex hip combinations, full time basic combos, different timing feet and hip moves are also included in this class. Having small choreographies following by counting the moves, and layering with arms are also purpose of teaching students how to integrate what they learn in basic classes is the main goal of this Intermediate class.
Dilek also every so often teaches workshop for 3 hours including finger cymbals, rythms, drum solo techniques, how to improve style, how to choose right type of music, entrance and exits, how to put a routine together for performers or those want to perform.

Dilek has a performing group of students called “Shimmy Chicks” and more info can be found at www.turkishdancer.com

Class fee:

$12 per hour drop in, or $55 for 5 classes.
only one make up class is allowed.

Both 4pm and 5pm class as a package is $100, for one time you can pay $20 to try it out.

To view Dilek’s videos, a gallery and more information, visit her
website: www.turkishdancer.com

Check schedule for class times

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